Our Capabilities

Cutters Foam Fabricating has a large variety of machinery, methods, materials, and skilled employees to ensure that we can create whatever you need.

Design, Prototype, & Test

Adhesive Lamination

The Process

Adhesive lamination allows us to build multi-density constructions which are not achievable with molded foam. Work can be as simple as a 2-layer cushion or as complex as a 3-dimensional captain’s chair utilizing multiple foam grades.

Used for:

Cutter’s Foam can laminate Velcro hook to the foam to allow hook & loop style of upholstery. We can also laminate steel or wood to the foam for arms or headrests.

CNC & Die Cutting



Used in:

Polyurethane Foam

pliable, light weight, open-cell foam; provides comfort & support at reasonable cost

furniture cushions, mattresses, automotive seating, medical applications

Polyethylene Foam

more rigid, light weight closed-cell foam; it is durable, chemical & moisture resistant, mold & mildew resistant

packaging, returnable dunnage, case inserts

Cross-linked PE Foam

chemically cross-linked variety of polyethylene foam; smoother feel than standard PE foam; ability to protect Class ‘A’ surfaces

medical device packaging, case inserts

Reticulated Foam

porous, extremely open-cell structure polyurethane foam; it is lightweight and mildew resistant, chemical resistant

outdoor furniture cushions, air filters, liquid filters, marine seating

Memory Foam (viscoelastic)

soft, temperature sensitive foam that molds to the shape of a body; slowly recovers to original shape when pressure is removed

mattresses & pillows

High Resiliency Foam

higher density, open-cell polyurethane foam with more random cell structure; greater support & durability; fast recovery, quickly bounces back to original shape

residential furniture, hospitality furniture, medical furniture & positioning cushions

Anti-Microbial Foam

polyurethane foam with additives to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew

marine seating, outdoor furniture cushions

Convoluted Foam (egg-crate)

polyurethane foam that goes through a special cutting process; offers better airflow

mattresses, case inserts


we stock Remay rolls, non-laminated rolls, fiber rolls

Dacron Fiber

polyester fiber; hypoallergenic, non-absorbent, mildew resistant

surface wrap over the foam core of furniture cushions

Densified Fiber

Dacron polyester fiber that is compressed to create a higher density per cubic inch; more supportive than standard Dacron fiber­

surface wrap over the foam core of furniture cushions